Public Health Emergency

Department and its programs aims to enhance prevention, preparedness, early detection, and rapid response to health hazards in the Gulf region as well as recovery assessment. The scope of ‘emergencies’ includes biological, chemical, nuclear, environmental health threats as well as natural disasters and mass migration events. The programs of PHE works at two functions (Preparedness and Response) through the following:
•    Monitoring hazards and threats to the Region and providing early notifications and routine insights
•    Providing a confidential forum for Gulf countries to exchange information, expertise and best practices on emergencies and facilitating the development and implementation of joint activities
•    Facilitating access to and availability of up-to-date gold-standard tools for preparedness to health threats
•    Acting as an emergency operating center for response coordination between the Gulf countries during a public health emergency 
•    Activating and deploying a regional rapid response team for support in investigation and/or containment of public health events of regional concern.