Public health programs

The Gulf Center for Disease Prevention and Control (GCDC) works to develop public health programs, policies, and practices based on the current health priorities in the GCC.
After reviewing the best available evidence and data, the Gulf CDC works to identify the activities necessary to deal with health priorities in the countries with the aim of identifying health gaps and working to fill them, identifying health capabilities, and working to develop them, as the technical team concerned with the Gulf CDC is tasked with including these priority activities in the strategic plan or annual work plan of the Center. The team is also responsible for engaging and following developments while working towards the development of regional public health strategies to be adopted in all Member States. 
The Gulf CDC cannot achieve these goals by working in isolation. Therefore, the support and cooperation of peers and experts in the field of public health in the GCC countries is relied on, one of the mechanisms to facilitate this support is the use of permanent communication networks and expert hubs.
Public health programs include: 

Non-communicable disease programs

Infectious Disease Programs

Injuries Programs