Permanent Communication Network

The Permanent Communication Networks are a group of experts committed to work with the Gulf CDC to help achieve scientific excellence in its work on different public health aspects relevant to the region - whether regarding public health data, emergencies, building capacity, or programs related to disease or special health issues that cause, or have the potential to cause, significant morbidity or mortality.

Each Network is chaired by the Director or senior Manager of the relevant department at the Gulf CDC, and composed of one qualified public health professional from each Gulf Member State, officially nominated by their country.

The Network may establish specific Working Groups to look deeper into certain questions or issues, or may also set up a Scientific Panel to tackle a more substantial health challenges or issue that may require a longer period of work. In addition, the Network Chair may also decide to set up Scientific and Technical Advisory Groups (STAG) composed of gulf-based or international external experts in their field to provide the peer review of any draft technical output being prepared by the Gulf CDC.