About Gulf CDC
In January 2021, at the Al-Ula Summit, the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council decided to establish the Gulf Center for Disease Prevention and Control. The aim of the Gulf Center for Disease Prevention and Control is to enhance cooperation in the field of public health and exchange of knowledge among all member states. It is a regional agency for public health overseen by a council composed of key decision-makers from member states equally under the umbrella of the Health Council.
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Vision A Gulf community where all individuals enjoy good health to the best extent possible at every stage of life.
Mission Enhancing coordination, building knowledge, and generating evidence to empower prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases, alleviating public health emergencies, and strengthening healthy local communities throughout the Gulf.

Gulf CDC Goals

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Promoting regional training
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Support the development of practices and collaborative programs
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Enabling the collection, integration and use of health data
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Enhance preparedness and early detection

Organizational Structure

Leadership of Organization