Prioritization Workshop

February 27-28, 2023

Riyadh، Saudi Arabia

Closed to Members only

As the Gulf CDC is still in the first stages of development as an organization, it is not possible to start tackling all the important disease and risk factor gaps and priorities, so a priority shortlist of topics to be tackled first is required.   

To better identify these priorities, a study to understand the burden of the main diseases and risk factors in the region has been carried out.  This adds new evidence to the findings of the situational assessment and the regional Public Health Programs survey carried out earlier in the year.  In addition to this scientific evidence, the Gulf CDC believes that it is important to hear directly from the member states’ experts, what they feel are the most pressing priority topics for the Gulf CDC to tackle in the first few years.   



1. To hear and discuss the member states’ expert opinions on possible priority topics and interventions for the Gulf CDC to tackle in the immediate future.

2. To share and discuss the method the Gulf CDC intends to use to determine priorities for its future workplans.

3. To agree upon the main priority areas and interventions where there is a clear need of public health action to be included in a regional workplan for policy and program support coordinated by the Gulf CDC.

4. To explain the roles and responsibilities of all Permanent Communication Networks, Working Groups, STAG, and CLOs.