Surveillance Workshop 

7-8 March 2023  

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  

Closed to Members only

Public health data are usually collected through disease indicators or event-based surveillance, registries, national surveys, and research activities.   With the maturity of public health surveillance systems worldwide, surveillance systems in the member states have witnessed significant growth over the last decade. This growth has been accompanied by shifting population characteristics with new disease patterns and increases in communicable and non-communicable disease burdens.  

This two-day workshop will provide a forum for a broad spectrum of surveillance and data experts from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member states and from the globe to exchange knowledge, build connections, and have fruitful collaboration. It also aims to provide a technical overview of the available surveillance systems in the GCC region and globally.  



Exchange knowledge and connect national, regional, and international surveillance experts together to:  

1. Discuss the inauguration of a collaborative regional surveillance permanent communication network. 

2. Identify and share lessons learned and innovative practices in different methodologies of surveillance (disease indicators or event-based surveillance, registries, and national surveys) 

3. Understand existing surveillance systems, policies, and operations in GCC member states. 

4. What’s on the horizon? Overview of the innovative technologies in the available surveillance systems globally.  

5. Identify gaps and challenges in surveillance at GCC member states. 

6. Develop a work plan to strengthen GCC member states capacity to conduct and evaluate national surveillance systems; by identifying areas of improvement/priorities (recommendations) that Gulf CDC can provide support to GCC member states.